Happy Senso is a new multisensory innovation for stimulus processing. It has been invented in the Netherlands and is available since November 2016 on the Dutch market. A product you can hear, feel, see and smell. The product is highly appreciated by occupational therapists, physiotherapists, remedial therapists and speech therapists. They also helped with the development of the product by advising about useful characteristics.

CARE (S) for STIMULATION The purpose of the concept Happy Senso is to care for stimulation and also for the attention for Sensory Integration, for example on schools. Besides that the product itself cares for stimulation of senses. It is useful by sensory over- or under registration (or both). Like one of the users says “Before starting my day I increase my alertness by using Happy Senso.” Inventor Tessa Tippersma partly works in the healthcare and out of that position and the need for stimulation the idea emerged. “A lot can be said about Happy Senso , but experiencing it yourself and learning about all the possibilities and the unique effect it has, says it all! “

The product Happy Senso is a gel with multisensory characteristics. The intensity can be varied by applying it in various ways. You can hear it, feel it, see it and it also has a cooling effect on the skin. It’s fun to use and provides eyes full of sparkle and enthusiasm and often creates beautiful moments of contact. Happy Senso is of very high quality and is dermatologically tested. Highly appreciated by occupational therapists, physiotherapists, remedial therapists and speech therapists. The actual range consists of three variants; Neutral, Mint-Fresh and Fresh. A bottle consist of 300 ml of Happy Senso, good for creating about 100 times of very special moments.

Learning The trainers that are using Happy Senso during their training learn therapists and parents how Sensory Integration works and how to give this the right attention. Their response: “A very nice variety to use it during the training, especially in combination with the SI theory” There are several exercises that can be used to vary the intensity, one of the extra specialties of Happy Senso. The intensity can even be controlled by the user self. In this way every user can create and learn to use it in a way which he or she likes the most and has the best result in a certain situation.

Happy Senso`s  first international step was participating at the fifth European Sensory Integration Congress, June 1st till 3th in Vienna. An amazing event that instantly created a lot of international opportunities and the start of an amazing international journey !